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Mushroom food with leeks and smoked pork specialties

Mushroom food with leeks and smoked pork specialties

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We clean the mushrooms from the protective film, we break their tails and we wash them well.

We leave them in a sieve to drain.

Slice the pork specialties and brown them in hot oil, turning them from side to side.

When they color nicely, we take them out with a palette and place them on the bottom of a heat-resistant dish.

I used a yena vessel with a lid.

Chop the mushroom caps in four and add them over the hot oil, the one in which we browned the meat.

We do not put all the mushrooms at once, just enough to cover the bottom of the pot, so that we can easily turn them on each one, to sauté nicely.

If we put them all at once, they will leave a lot of water and then they will boil more than fried.

Add the mushroom tails, cut into rounds.

Saute the mushrooms, add them over the meat in the bowl, and cut the slices and the cleaned garlic cloves over them.

We wash the leeks, remove the leaves from the top and the wilted ones if necessary and slice it into rounds.

After removing all the mushrooms from the oil, add the leek and leave it on the fire for a few minutes until it softens a little.

The leek will no longer be fried, because in the bowl we now have a mixture of oil and mushroom juice.

Add the leeks over the mushrooms in the bowl, and in the bowl over the heat, put the tomatoes with the vegetables and ketchup.

We don't leave the dish on the fire for a long time, just a few minutes, after which we taste to see to what extent we season the food with salt and spices.

Add the tomatoes to the yena bowl, season with salt if needed, add 2 bay leaves and a little thyme and put the bowl in the oven, covered, for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

It is a very tasty food!

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