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Sheep pastrami in red wine

Sheep pastrami in red wine

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Cut the pastrami into thin strips, put it in a Teflon pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, leave it for a few minutes, then add the red wine, thyme, finely chopped hot pepper, crushed garlic or gravy, bay leaf and tomato juice. Leave it on a high heat until the meat is ready and reduce the sauce a little.

I mixed everything with french fries in a bowl, and I enjoyed a glass of red wine with it :))

The best sheep pastrami is obtained from barren sheep, young sheep of at least one year or fights. The sheep are cut, skinned, the intestines and internal organs are removed and they are hung cold, usually in the cold room, where they are left to cool for a day and a night, in order to harden.

After that, the bones are removed from the meat and not the meat on the bones.

To obtain real sheep pastrami, I recommend the following recipe:

The boned meat is sliced, shaped, and peeled. It is recommended that the ribs be left as they are, after shaping, because they do not have much meat on them and, according to the grandfather, they are bigger than the ocaua.

Then proceed to the preparation of the stain. For a sheep use 3 & # 8211 4 l of dry red wine, 6-7 heads of garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, paprika, thyme, bay leaves, coriander, allspice and water, if any necessary. The prepared meat is put in the stain, where it is kept in a cool place for 3 days. He comes back from time to time.

He has to stay under the spot all the time. After 3 days, the meat is removed and left to dry for a day.

I recommend a warm smoke, at 70 degrees, for 2 hours, with smoking, with hardwood. Keep cool.

At the secret hour with your family, the pastrami is ready to be grilled or eaten cooked. As the meat was soaked in wine and spices, it became tender and tasty. Served with wine or grape must, polenta and french fries, along with a few pickled cucumbers, mutton pastrami is a real treat.

Sheep pastrami - how do I cook it?

Here's how (on the ship) our chef - a Tatar from Constanta - made the best raw pastrami we've ever eaten:

Take a large piece of beef or mutton. Pulp or muscles. He put it on a tray full of coarse salt, garlic cloves and other spices and began to prick it with a fork. About every half minute, he would stop and rub it well with salt. Then he stabbed her again. Then jump again. And so on for a quarter of an hour until all the meat was well penetrated with salt.

After that, take it and hang it in the fridge (on the ship the fridge is like a butcher's shop, with meat bars and everything you need). Allow all the juice to drain from it (about 3-5 days) and then dry it on the deck. He chose a place where there was no smoke from the chimney and left it for about two weeks (ATTENTION: he left it there as long as we were away from the shore, as we approached, he put it back in the cold room, due to the appearance of insects). There were no insects at sea, so there was no danger except near the shore.

At home, he told me that I can take it outside in the wind, but only after the cold period begins and the mosquitoes and insects disappear. Moreover, it is recommended to be under a shed and covered with a gauze.

I give my word that no Cris - Tim and no other sausage factory makes a pastrami as tasty as "Babai" did (that's what our chef was called, it means daddy in their language). WITHOUT ANY PRESERVATIVE, WITHOUT E's.
100% N A T U R A L A.

Sheep pastrami

I bought ready-made mutton, and I preferred it because it has less fat. We could fry it anyway, but because I wanted it to be less salty, so I marinated it in wine.

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We cut the meat into suitable pieces, cubes of about 2-3 cm, because it will decrease when it boils. Put the meat, 500ml of red wine, crushed garlic and spices in a deep bowl. Stir a little, put a lid on and leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

In a cauldron or pan, heat the 2 tablespoons of oil and put the meat, with half of the mixture in which it was marinated. If it was very salty and a lot of salt came out in the wine, we can boil less than half with the meat, depending on our preferences. Let it boil covered, over low heat for at least an hour, preferably 2, to soften the meat. While it is boiling, add a glass of water and the remaining 250 ml of wine from time to time. The pastrami must always boil in enough liquid. Before removing from the heat, let it boil without a lid to lower the sauce.

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Serve with a portion of polenta and a glass of must or red wine. As for calories, 100 grams have about 380 calories and that's without the garnish!

We invite you on the blog Bucataria Furnicutilor to discover other tasty recipes.

Sheep goulash

Someone in the family (you know who) is crazy about sheep, ram and lamb. And if I did, I promised myself that I would prepare a meal with lamb, I wouldn't escape until I made the recipe. I don't necessarily know if it's goulash, it can be a potato stew with mutton, the idea is to like the sheep and find something to buy (I buy from Auchan or Carrefour).

Leaving the story aside, my grandfather used to make this food every time I went to pick corn, in the fall, I write that it is a very good, consistent food that goes great with a glass of red wine. And it is worth trying it especially in the cold season, when hearty foods go best.

Sheep goulash

  • 1 kg of sheep meat
  • 1.5 kg of potatoes
  • 2 large onions
  • 2 tablespoons lard (can be replaced with oil)
  • 2 tablespoons good quality paprika
  • salt
  • a few peppercorns
  • a few bay leaves
  • thyme
  • 150ml broth

Wash the meat well and cut it into pieces and then boil it in cold water. We let it boil for a while and then strain it. (This operation is not mandatory, but that's how I learned from my mother to prepare it, in order to get rid of the pronounced taste of sheep).

Melt the lard and sauté the finely chopped onion, then add the meat. Stir for 2-3 minutes and add the paprika. Leave a little more and add about a handful of water over the meat. Put bay leaves, a few peppercorns and simmer.

When the meat is cooked, add the peeled and larger potatoes, salt, thyme, broth and let it boil.

We serve it hot with a glass of cold and aromatic homemade red wine (this year the wine came out really good for my father :)).

You can add together with onions and 2 diced kapia peppers, possibly a carrot.

And the recipe tried by the readers

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How do I cook mutton pastrami?

I bought some mutton pastrami from Metro yesterday and now I don't really know how to cook it. I would love to do it in the oven, but I have no idea how to do it, what to put, etc.

# 2 fel70

& # 39Some people were made by God, others are drawn from monkeys. It depends on them, they decide what they are in life. & # 39
- Professor, EVZ.

# 3 fel70

& # 39Some people were made by God, others are drawn from monkeys. It depends on them, they decide what they are in life. & # 39
- Professor, EVZ.

# 4 n_puiu

The best - in my opinion - comes out on the grill.
But it was like a recipe with pastrami and baked potatoes, but I can't find it.

# 5 puskin

Fel70, is therefore emptied, in the bag. How does the one turn out in the oven? How long do you leave it in the oven?

Nea Puiu and I like grilling, but I'm terrified of the smell and smoke in the house. That's why I said oven.

Thanks for the help, I'll have a beer.

# 6 fel70

Fel70, is therefore emptied, in the bag. How does the one turn out in the oven? How long do you leave it in the oven?

Nea Puiu and I like grilling, but I'm terrified of the smell and smoke in the house. That's why I said oven.

Thanks for the help, I'll have a beer.

It comes out well in the oven (this is my own and personal opinion, because I'm a sheep fan), but this vacuum must be kept a little, because it is already done (you can taste it to see that it can be eaten anyway)
I never baked it, but I think it would work, cut a little thicker slices, sprinkled with a little oil and wine (red, white), spices (thyme and garlic I think I would like and a little mosaic pepper), after to your liking, you can add or not tomato sauce (depending on how much you love the taste of sheep), a little greenery. But left a little, not to dry, but to be juicy, to borrow from other tastes. Serve it with some potatoes or rice.

When I bake, I make sheep from that old woman who stays there a lot and I put about 2 onions, a carrot, 3-4 potatoes, sliced ​​garlic, tomato juice, a glass of wine, a little balsamic vinegar, a I let it drop a lot and at the end a little greenery.

I kiss you, maybe you can find other tasty recipes to catch your eye.

& # 39Some people were made by God, others are drawn from the monkey. It depends on them, they decide what they are in life. & # 39
- Professor, EVZ.

Grilled mutton pastrami

Method of preparation: After all the bones and fat have been removed from the mutton, the meat is well salted, placed in a wooden bowl and a layer of salt is sprinkled over the meat.

It is left for 4-5 days, during which time it returns several times.

Then remove the meat, shake with salt and keep for 1-2 hours in cold salted water, then rinse, place on a wood chipper and cover with another on which a weight is placed, leaving. to press for a day.

Then grease it with a mixture of crushed garlic with salt, thyme and rosemary, soaking it for another day, after which the pastrami is grilled.

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