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Baked peppers stuffed with cheese

Baked peppers stuffed with cheese

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I've known this recipe for a very long time from "Basically in the kitchen". but I had forgotten about her ..... I saw that Epurasha and Julie also prepared it ..... and I tried it too.

  • 1 large pepper caps
  • 100 g cheese
  • 1 or
  • flour
  • salt
  • oil

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Baked peppers stuffed with cheese:

Bake the pepper, then peel it and cut its back. It should remain like a pocket that is filled with sliced ​​cheese.

Beat the egg with a little salt and flour. The stuffed pepper is given first through the flour, then through the beaten egg with flour and it is fried in hot oil.

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It can also be given with breadcrumbs before frying.


It can be served with sour cream on top.

The cookbook

I received the waffle machine as a gift, last year, for my birthday, from a good childhood friend, who, knowing that I really want a machine like this, but salty ones (I still want it. you saw somewhere let me know.). he thought it was. Mihaiela,thank you very much and I'm waiting for you for a portion of waffles! Since then I've made waffles several times, but only now I decided to post a recipe made "on the spot". The dough should be like pancakes, but more consistent.
I used:
100 g diced salami
100 g grated cheese
half a chopped red pepper
a dill connection
2 tablespoons raw sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons sour cream
3 eggs
100 ml water
4 g baking powder
200 g flour

I mixed eggs, I added a pinch of salt, sour cream and then flour (sifted, mixed with baking powder) with water (as in pancakes). I added the other ingredients - salami, cheese, pepper, dill, seeds, a little pepper - and I mixed with a palette:

Chicken breast stuffed with green beans, peppers and cream cheese & # 8211 An easy delicacy to prepare

If you want to quickly prepare a delicious meal, try this recipe. You will get a tasty dish, which you will not get tired of too quickly. Chicken breast stuffed with green beans, peppers and cream cheese is absolutely delicious.


  • 3 pieces of chicken breast
  • 500 gr green beans, chicken spices
  • Salt, 6 slices of cheese, 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 red pepper, cream cheese
  • Half a bunch of green onions, a few cherry tomatoes

Method of preparation:

For the beginning we will wash the green beans, we will cut their heads and we will cut it in half. Then boil the beans in salted water.

We cut the chicken breast into slices and beat it lightly with a hammer for slices. We then season it with salt and chicken spices.Then arrange the chicken breast pieces in an elongated baking tray, so that both the bottom and the sides of the tray are covered. Put half of the cooked green beans in the pan over the chicken breast.Grease the beans with cream cheese.Finely chop the yellow pepper and red pepper. Put the pepper pieces over the cream cheese.Then cover with 3 slices of cheese and add the remaining green beans on top.Cover the whole composition with chicken breast. We put aluminum foil on top.Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

After half an hour, remove the aluminum foil and add the remaining 3 slices of cheese. Put a little more in the oven for a few minutes.

After the cheese has melted, take the tray out of the oven and decorate the dish obtained with chopped green onions and rosyy cherry. Good appetite!

Strawberry jam

One of the most important supplies in our pantry is strawberry jam. Strawberry fruits can be bought from markets, producers or from fruit shops in all stores.

Method of preparation

Clean and wash the fruit well, avoiding the addition of rotten fruit even if they are more ripe. Melt the desired amount of sugar in a pot until it becomes a syrup, then add the fruit. It is recommended to boil several times so that the mixture is quite coagulated around the fruit.

You can use the jam in different cakes in your kitchen or it can be served on bread with butter.

Don't forget to try the strawberry dessert recipes we discovered together and share them with your loved ones.

If you want to grow strawberries in your own garden, you can easily learn from GrădinaMax gardeners how to plant strawberry stolons and how to prepare strawberries for winter.

You can find more promotions and tips in the product catalog and on the GrădinaMax blog.

Stuffed peppers and tomatoes & # 8211 A quick, delicious recipe

We took advantage of the flavor of the vegetables, and this time we filled tomatoes and peppers with beans, grated carrots, onions, garlic, peppers and finely chopped greens. I boiled the beans, and I hardened the rest of the vegetables, I added parsley and a few tablespoons of tomato paste to the composition.

It's a good way to fast. In the picture, I also put some crushed Telemea cheese, and cheese on top. However, if you want to make a fasting recipe, all you have to do is give up cheese and cheese. The taste and flavor will be extraordinary without these two ingredients.

I placed them all in a pan greased with oil and covered them with baking paper, I removed it at the end to blush. I kept them in the oven for a while, I would have liked them firmer, but I took a lot of others, it happens.

I took the pictures when they were already warm only, I didn't get to catch the steam. We liked it very much, I can't wait to do it again in other combinations.

Bonus: pumpkin salad with tomatoes and cheese

Something very easy and fast, grilled zucchini with tomatoes and cheese. I left the zucchini to marinate in the fridge in a mixture of garlic with olive oil, lime juice, salt and dried mint for a few hours, during the good beach period at noon, I made the turret and then I ate it.

Stuffed peppers and Minirulada

  • beef and chicken
  • a zucchini
  • salt pepper,
  • spices that you like I put thyme, rosemary, oregano
  • 1 or
  • 2 tablespoons wheat bran
  • peppers

For the mini roll

  • 1/2 chicken breast (because it was a bigger breast)
  • lightly beaten and seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika
  • breaded with dietary cheese and a few strands of baked peppers (I had in the fridge)
  1. First I made the sauce: I chopped the tomatoes and peppers on the robot, I salted them, peppered them and boiled them
  2. I chopped the meat, I mixed it with a zucchini also grated and drained well (it was stingher in the fridge) 1 egg, salt, pepper and spices and because it was a bit soft the composition I had to add the wheat bran I washed and peppers, I cut them vertically in half, leaving half a tail on one side and the other, after I cleaned them of seeds and vinegar, I filled them with the meat composition.
  3. The mini roll is made quickly, the chicken breast is stretched first from the knife, a foil is placed on top and it is lightly beaten with a kitchen hammer, seasoned, sliced ​​cheese, if you want / you also have peppers, roll
  4. I put the peppers and the mini roll in the trays, the sauce on top, I covered them with aluminum foil and in the oven, for 30 minutes and another 10 minutes on the grill to catch & # 8220o face & # 8221 and it's ready to serve!

Stuffed Roasted Pepper Recipe

Bake the peppers and put them in a pan until we make the filling. Peel onions and carrots.

Cut the onion into small pieces and put the carrots on a small grater.
cook together then add the washed rice, mix well and put the ingredients (salt, delicacy, pepper) add 2 cups water and let the rice boil halfway, then add a tablespoon of broth mix well and put over meat.

Mix together then put the chopped parsley and mix, and after we finish the filling we take care of the peppers.

We clean them and cut their tails (I always do it with the tip of a knife). Fill the peppers and cover with tomatoes.

It is placed in the standing pan after I put a spoonful of broth on the bottom of the pan (I also leave the pepper juice flowing when I clean them).

Cover with pepper water and cook for 10-15 minutes.
Serve with a tablespoon of sour cream or fatter yogurt.
Good appetite.

Puff pastry stuffed with ham and cheese

Rating: 4 & # 8211 32 reviews & # 8211 50 min. I have always been fascinated by the preparation of the salty or sweet dough recipe. Add the ham over the dough, then the cheese. After placing them with your hand or a small brush, moisten the edges of the remaining dough. Puff pastry rolls with ham and cheese Desserts, Kochrezepte, Geschirr. A new appetizer from the range of puff pastry appetizers that I also love. Zucchini stuffed with cream cheese

The colors on the plate Kuchen, Lasagne, Essen. We serve the delicious appetizer muffins made of dough filled with ham and cheese for breakfast, with ketchup, or we take them in a package and serve them instead.

Pumpkin stuffed with meat & # 8211 RECIPE BOOK Turkish Recipes, Greek Recipes. Pan-fried pie with potato dough, ham and cheese & # 8211 Cranberry Recipes. Preparation: After running all the strips. Dough appetizer muffins filled with.

Rolls with vanilla cream and homemade dough & # 8211 Cranberry Recipes. Unfold the puff pastry and cut it into squares of the desired size. Do not stretch it further with the facal.

Place 1 slice of cheese then put the grated cheese. Blog Recipes Culinary appetite.

Bread Meatballs Filled with Cheese and Ham

In a bowl put sliced ​​bread and enough milk to cover it, and after a few minutes, when the bread has already softened, remove from the milk, squeeze well in the morning to remove the remaining milk and crumble.

Then put the bread crumbs in another bowl, and over it put the egg, tablespoon of flour, tablespoons of Parmesan, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic cloves, carrots and half a grated pepper, chopped parsley leaves and mix all ingredients very well.

Then the meatballs are formed from the composition, and in the middle of each meatballs are placed the pieces of cheese and ham.

The formed meatballs are placed in a tray in which before baking paper and a little olive oil were put, and the tray is put in the oven, until they are fried (it takes about 25 minutes at 180 degrees).

Remove from the frying pan on a kitchen napkin and leave to cool. Serve cold!

Baked pepper bread stuffed with Prague ham and smoked cheese

The culinary delicacies or culinary sophistications as I like to call them are part of the art of every housewife who wants to impress (culinary speaking) the ones gathered around the table. Occasions can arise every day, not necessarily at birthdays or religious holidays spent in the family.

Memories, memories & # 8230! My mother had seasonal recipes with which she always managed to create a good culinary mood, many tempting comments based on those served on the plate, hand kisses and the like.

If it happens that in addition to the regulars of the house and certain friends, colleagues or distant relatives to be present at the table, then the holiday was in full swing.

Being winter, at my wedding (oh, God, how much time has passed since then!) Several colleagues came in the evening or in the morning in question. Mother, to go for a cup of boiled brandy or a cold brandy served directly from the indispensable wedding plate that greeted the guests prepared for those who came from the road a large tray of macaroni with minced meat that he served with a thick tomato broth (from the one my mother and grandmother made every autumn in a large cast iron cauldron) and finely chopped green parsley. Colleagues of mine, for a long time after that, remembered the preparation served by their mother, saying that they had never eaten anything more delicious.

When I decided to start writing recipes on a blog older than mine, however, about 14 years ago and later to separate the recipes from the rest of the original blog I did not think I would end up writing somewhere over 700 recipes, many prepared, not just once, in my block kitchen.

Recipes already prepared and written on this blog, considered by me culinary delicacies! I approach recipes of this kind, most often inspired by my family heritage and sometimes by recipes read through specialized books that attracted my culinary interest or recipes seen on the internet to which I bring many ideas of my own.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: capsicum (large, meaty), baked and cleaned, slices of Prague ham, slices of smoked cheese, chicken eggs, sesame (white and / or black), breadcrumbs, wheat flour, coarse salt, peppercorns, olive oil extra virgin olives, fresh butter.

Baking capsicum peppers?

Use capsicums as large as possible, meaty, flat, well cooked. Uncooked capsicum peppers well in the vine, after burning the skin on the baking tray can not be cleaned properly, the skin does not come off too well.

Roast capsicums on a plate placed directly on the flame! I use the board inside a grill with a lid that is placed directly on the flame. You can use a thick iron sheet or a reused cast iron hob from a former electrical resource.

Baked capsicums are kept covered with coarse salt in a bowl with a lid, cleaned of burnt peel and washed under a stream of cold water, remove the seeds and spine, drain the water in a thick sieve.


  • Red pepper,
  • Prague ham,
  • smoked cheese,
  • chicken eggs,
  • fresh butter.

It's not really available to everyone! When cleaning the skin, avoid, as much as possible, breaking the baked pepper along its length so as not to leak the ingredients from the bread & # 8217 that we will prepare later, during frying.

Filling the cooked capsicum peppers with the ingredients from the recipe in order to form the breadcrumbs and to fry them.

Each roasted capsicum pepper is filled with a slice of smoked cheese placed between two slices of Prague ham.

It's not a mistake! Who wants a more spicy dish, can put a powder of coarse salt inside the baked pepper and paprika, smoked, on cheese.

Frying the baked pepper bread.

Preparing ingredients for breads. They are used: wheat flour in which coarse salt is put, beaten eggs with a fork / fork in which sesame is put, white breadcrumbs in which freshly ground peppercorns are put.


  1. Bake the capsicum on a plate, put directly on the flame. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Drain the roasted peppers in a sieve.
  2. Stuffing baked peppers with slices of Prague ham and smoked cheese.
  3. Roll in baked peppers stuffed with Prague ham and smoked cheese, in order, with wheat flour, beaten eggs, white bread crumbs, beaten eggs.
  4. Frying breadcrumbs in a mixture of fresh butter and extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Serve hot breads with cold schery tomatoes next to it.

There is a well-kept secret! Put a little cold water or sweet milk in a beaten egg for a homogeneous frying of the bread & # 8217.

Baked capsicums stuffed with Prague ham and smoked cheese are rolled in order with flour, beaten egg, breadcrumbs, beaten egg.

Heat a frying pan with high edges in which you put a mixture of fresh butter and extra virgin olive oil.

Breads are fried over medium heat in a mixture of fresh butter and extra virgin olive oil.

The toasted pans on one side are carefully turned on the other side, so as not to break, using a kitchen tongs / palette.

The breads are served hot.

The hot dish is served with cold schery tomatoes.

Whoever wants can serve a slice of homemade bread, warm.

A glass of dark beer works, served at room temperature.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Do not avoid autumn vegetable dishes. Well prepared, these dishes are delicious and healthy, even if their preparation, something more sophisticated will take longer to sit in the kitchen. Try this recipe, the greedy will be happy.


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