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A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers

A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers

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Want to become a psychic? Eat watercress, fish, and avocado

Here’s our first prediction: if you combine fish, watercress, and avocado, you’re probably making a tasty fish taco.

Have you eaten some guacamole lately and felt in touch with your inner spiritual voice? If so, there may be a reason for that. Celebrity psychic Cara (she only goes by her first name) has recently revealed the foods to eat and avoid if you want to unlock your fullest psychic potential. But eating red meat, pastry, and too many fats and sugars can keep us firmly planted in this world.

“Food — not only necessary to keep us alive — can lift one's intelligence and enhance the memory and promote learning power,” Cara, who is well-known for her psychic prowess, told The Daily Mail. I imagine a huge Yorkshire pudding, slices of succulent beef, luscious steaming gravy, and a nice red wine are fantastic this time of year. But the problem is, although the connection to the other dimension may not be initially impaired, if you tried to do any meditation afterwards it's likely it would be.”

A psychic’s diet, it seems, is very important. It takes a lot of energy to speak with the dead. The bottom line is: if you want to be a medium, lay off the medium-rare steak, and opt for something healthier instead.

A factchecker goes to psychic school: can you predict what happens next?

M ontclair Psychic School sits above a florist’s shop in the town of Rutherford, New Jersey. On a Sunday in June, eight students sit in a yellow painted classroom, watching a mastiff named Axel sniff a bust of the Buddha.

“C’mere, Axel,” says a woman whose T-shirt reads: “Medicine heals the body. DOGS heal the soul.” She offers him a treat. “Good boy.”

Axel slobbers on her lap, then lopes around the room, sniffing amethyst crystals, a conga drum and a gold Tibetan singing bowl.

“Send your heartstrings out,” says Natalie Anderson, a special education teacher who moonlights as an animal communicator. “Connect. Ask Axel: what’s in his world? What does he know? What does he want? Don’t be shy.”

Axel drools on the rug as the students try to read his mind.

“He’s saying ‘hikes’,” says one woman. “He wants a job, so he feels like he has a purpose. Maybe he can get a backpack, so his job can be carrying water on hikes?”

A description of this seven-hour “pet communication” class reads: “You will learn how to send thoughts to your animal companions and trust what you are receiving back. It is only a matter of understanding telepathic communication, the natural mode of communication for all animals AND an inherent ability for all humans!”

“Say whatever’s coming to mind,” Natalie instructs. “Give me that spirit vomit.”

The students say: “He’s bored.”

“He wants a playmate. And some variety in his dog food.”

“He wants training. Focus. A task.”

Axel sniffs a rock painted with a butterfly and the word “BELIEVE”. A lava lamp glows on a wooden chest. On the wall, a clock with the words “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” printed on its face reads 3pm. It’s time for Axel’s afternoon walk.

“Bye, Axel!” the students say. “Thanks so much!”

A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers - Recipes

I'm a firm believer that we all have psychic ability, whether or not we've realized that's what it is. Some refer to this ability as having "a mother's intuition" and others as "following their gut instinct."

In my latest book, The Awakened Psychic, I'm serving as "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side." In this book, I share a wide variety of techniques designed to help you how to tap into your intuitive abilities. Are you ready to explore and connect with your psychic self? Below are six ways to awaken your inner psychic abilities.

    Pay Attention to Your Emotions.
    This is the most important tip of all. If you can master this ability, your psychic field will open. It has nothing to do with using tools or tricks rather, it's all about cleansing and clearing your energy so that you become a finely tuned channel to receive psychic information. Here we go!

The journey to awakening psychic ability begins with becoming more self-aware, introspective, and in touch with how we process our emotions. It's important to understand our emotions and learn what triggers us emotionally so that we can diffuse this energy before it overtakes us.

We haven't been taught how to pay attention to what the energy of each emotion does to our mind/body/spirit when someone or something upsets us, so the energy overwhelms us and we react by directing energy back towards the person or situation upsetting us. We might say, "They made me mad," or, "They upset me," and decide to send that negative energy back to them with our words and actions.

This creates a link for energy to transfer back and forth between us and the other person, growing more toxic with each exchange. When we give anyone or anything the power to upset us, the mind/body/spirit becomes emotionally overloaded, clogged up with all of these feelings in our thoughts and in the energy field surrounding our body (known as the aura). When we are overwhelmed emotionally, it is difficult to discern clearly and psychically what is going on around us.

In order to harness your psychic ability, you need to have some control over your emotions. By control, I mean that once you are aware of how someone else's words or actions are affecting you, you then have the free will and choice of whether or not you will allow this person or situation to upset you emotionally.

As you become aware of an emotion rising within you and now understand that you have the ability to redirect it before it overtakes you, you are awakening the connection to your Higher Self/Super Consciousness. You are learning how to clear and diffuse negative energy directed towards you, releasing it away from the mind/body/spirit as quickly as possible.

In this heightened state of self-awareness, you see that a person has stirred the emotional energy field in your aura and that the ripples of this energy are on their way to triggering you emotionally. At that point, you can mindfully stop and expel this thought or conversation away from your mind and body. You now have the control over how much you will allow another person, place, or thing to affect you on a mental and emotional level and for how long.

As you are working to open your inner psychic connection, the ability to detect and have control over your emotional field is very important once your psychic field has opened, you will be picking up on people's emotions even when they are not outwardly displaying them.

A psychic is often referred to as a sensitive, meaning they are able to sense what's occurring in the spiritual world, but it also comes with the effect that the more intuitive you become, the more sensitive you are to the feelings and emotions of others, and not just when they are being directed at you. You will sense and feel what they are feeling and thinking as their thoughts and emotions spill outward around them through their aura.

This in part is what psychics see in each person. We shape our destiny in part by every free will thought and action that we take. These thoughts are in the mental field of our aura. We manifest these thoughts, wishes, and dreams into our reality by how often we think about them and the more we act upon them.

When a psychic is reading a person, part of what they are seeing is future of what the person is manifesting through their thoughts and emotions. Because the energy of a particular thought, wish, or fear is growing and building in their aura, it will over time attract that experience to them. This is why a psychic will explain that what they are seeing is only the potential of what could occur for the person and that you have the free will to change this outcome at any time by changing your thoughts and actions. The rest of what psychics see is the energy coming from the higher spiritual planes that will bring new experiences to the person.

As you develop control over your emotional energy, you'll have the energetic space to tune into the energy fields of others because your energy won't be overwhelmed by your emotions. People will begin to describe you as a good judge of character, as you'll display an uncanny sense of knowing what's going on with them however, you'll know that it's your intuitive side that has been awakened and you are reading the energy of the person before they speak or act at all.

The side effect of having awakened your psychic side is that people will sense this energetic change within you and want to open up to you. Because you are no longer carrying these heavy emotions around, you are lighter and more peaceful and your aura and energy fields are able to be more in tune with the world around you. You have created more space in your mind/body/spirit to receive information from spirit world when you ask for guidance.

In return, you'll begin to sense who people really are as their energy emits from their auric fields. You'll see or sense the glow around a person with good intentions and the grey mist around people who are not emitting positive energy at that time.

Animals, especially your pets, understand what you are communicating to them (for instance, knowing that you are about to leave home before you give any clues in this regard and also sensing when you are becoming back home before you appear). It's not that the pets are becoming more psychic&mdashthey are already attuned to telepathic communication. What has changed is that as you have opened your psychic senses, animals sense that finally you are able to better communicate with them, instead of the previously limited and often one-sided conversation they were having with you.

Psychic ability at times can be overwhelming, as you pick up the energy of other people, so it's good to establish a daily practice of psychic self protection. Helpful remedies to counteract this overflow of energy including keeping a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home, taking a salt bath, or swimming in a salt water pool or the ocean when you have picked up too much emotional energy from others.

The most effective technique that I teach to my students to protect their aura, which is the main receptor to feel energy, is to&hellip

This is the universal white light that glows with the energy from the highest and most loving spiritual plane of existence. It surrounds your body and creates a shield of protection so that only that which is for your highest and best good can interact with you from the spiritual planes. It builds up a psychic self defense shield that not only ensures safety when engaging with the other side but also provides a barrier between you and other people as you begin to pick up what's emitting from their energy field, including their negative thoughts and emotions.

These thoughts and emotions spill out of us all day every day through our aura. When we begin to open our psychic pathways, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the flood of energy that you will pick up from others. You&rsquoll walk into a room where people are angry and it will hit you like walking into a wall. In an argument with someone, you'll walk away from them only to realize that hours later you are still suffering from the energy exchange, feeling anxious and perhaps experiencing a headache or stomachache.

As you become more intuitive, you'll start to pay attention to, trust, and honor your psychic feelings. You'll be more proactive, choosing not to stay at a certain hotel, or to park in that area, or go to that event today. The more you practice, the more this knowing will expand, including tuning in to finding the right house to buy, the right time to travel, and who to trust with big and small decisions.

Almost everyone has a story of a dream they had that later came true. Your Higher Self/Super Consciousness has a direct link to spirit world, where it downloads helpful information for you each night when you sleep.

You can receive psychic information through your dreams. First, ask your spirit guides to visit you in your dreams and to send you information. It works best if you ask them very specific questions so that the dream can be focused on that situation. Also ask them to help you remember the dream when you wake.

Over time, with practice, you can remember your dreams and receive valuable information about what's going on in your life and in the world around you.

Now you can take this to the next level and practice tuning in to see what you feel going on around you. All of a sudden those déjà vu experiences are becoming much more common and making sense.

As you open up to your abilities, you'll notice that these warning signs occurred to you previously, but at the time, you didn't understand what they were communicating.

When this occurs, it's time to pull out a helpful tool to use as a guide. I love reading tarot cards for these types of questions, but I also love easy freebie ways to receive this information as well. As I mentioned earlier, you can ask for guidance in your dreams. Here's another easy way to help gain clarity on your question.

Get a piece of paper and a pen. Tear the piece of paper into five or six strips. Then, think about your question. Ask yourself what the most highly likely answers are in regard to your question. On each strip of paper, write down one of these answers. Save one last strip of paper and leave it blank. Then fold all of these answers and place them into a bowl or a bag. Shake the papers in the bag or stir them with your fingers in the bowl. Take three deep breaths in and out, surround yourself with the white light, and ask for your highest and best and for your guides to assist you in answering this question. When you are centered, reach into the bag or bowl and pull out your answer. The answer will help guide you with your question. If you pull out the blank piece of paper, it means that the answer is not meant to be revealed to you at this time and that you should wait a week and then ask again.

Ask them to handle the object as little as possible before they bring it to you even have them wrap it in a cloth and place in a bag. Hold the object in your hand to see what you pick up energetically about the object and tell your friend what you see and feel.

Once you have seen and felt all that you could psychically, ask your friend to tell you the story around the object. Over time, you may find that you are able to intuitively pick up on the energy left behind on objects.

With these six steps, you are well on your way to awakening your psychic abilities. To delve deeper into your psychic abilities, check out my book, The Awakened Psychic. Happy exploring!

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The Best Diet for Developing Psychic Abilities DA: 17 PA: 48 MOZ Rank: 65

  • A diet where you only eat raw fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables) will positively catapult you into the realm of psychic sensitivity.   I was raw vegan for two periods – one which lasted three weeks and one which lasted for a couple of weeks
  •   It heightened my sensitivity

Are you maintaining a proper psychic diet

  • What is a Psychic Diet? A psychic diet follows the same concept of any other diet
  • For example athletes eat to fuel their body for the strains they will put on it
  • A psychic fuels our mind, and raises our vibrations keeping our abilities operating at an optimum level.

Is there such thing as a Psychic Diet

  • What is a Psychic Diet? A psychic diet is said to be one that includes a lot of high-vibration, nutritious, “live” foods, such as vegetables and fruits
  • Some feel that this enhances psychic ability
  • It’s important for intuitives (especially mediums) to vibrate at a high frequency in …

The 3 Best Diet & Food Rules To Improve Your Mediumship

  • You may prefer eating a rather simple diet, and many mediums and psychics go Paleo or Keto if they can, mainly just out of ease
  • If mediumship and psychic support is your calling, simply remember that when connecting to Spirit, …

Psychic Diet: Food Changes With Raising My Bodies Vibration DA: 15 PA: 14 MOZ Rank: 33

  • Psychic Diet: Food Changes With Raising My Bodies Vibration
  • When I first started doing psychic work on myself I noticed that my body’s requirements started naturally changing
  • I feel this happened because as my general vibration started to raise and my physical body wanted to reflect this change.

How Certain Foods Enhance Psychic Abilities DA: 15 PA: 21 MOZ Rank: 41

  • Here are some foods that should be included in your psychic diet: • Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables
  • Make sure that these are organic, and have not been treated with chemicals, or are genetically modified (GMO).

The Psychic Diet DA: 17 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 49

  • By On October 17, 2014 In Diet, Psychic, Weight
  • Weekly Horoscope: May 10 – 16, 2021 Everything You Need to Know About Reading Tea Leaves The Best Mother’s Day Gift for Her Moon Sign 5 Love Tarot Spreads (and Love Tarot Cards)

The best diet for developing psychic abilities

  • The best diet for developing psychic abilities
  • University study and want your techniques and strategies to be effective you must help them with a healthy and balanced diet
  • To improve learning it is essential to adopt a series of food measures, which include the intake of certain nutrients and the limitation, or even elimination, of those

PSYCHIC DIET. JAMA JAMA Network DA: 15 PA: 33 MOZ Rank: 56

  • "Yellow literature" is a nuisance—not to say a curse— especially to the young
  • It is generally supposed that we suffer more from this than other countries, owing to the freedom of the press and the lack of any censorship whatever excepting that which may be given by certain local and United States

A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers

  • Celebrity psychic Cara (she only goes by her first name) has recently revealed the foods to eat and avoid if you want to unlock your fullest psychic potential
  • According to Cara, healthier foods like watercress, steamed fish, vegetables, and avocado can help connect us to the great beyond.

What Psychic Abilities Do I Have: Awakening Your Psychic

  • So a “psychic diet” is a thing
  • This is something that some do to vibrate at a higher frequency
  • What this includes is no meat, a lot of fruits and veggies, no junk food, no alcohol and lots of water
  • So basically it reminds you of like a keto type of diet.

How to Eat Your Way to Psychic Powers Mysterious Universe

  • Cara’s psychic diet recommendations lean towards more vegetables and less red meat
  • Her good psychic foods list includes avocado, watercress, steamed or baked fish, berries, tuna, salmon, eggs, seeds and nuts
  • Psychic Cara and some good psychic food

5 Types of Psychic Empaths and Their Traits: Which One Are

  • Reverend Erin-Ashley Kerti, psychic development coach and empath, has defined five different empath types
  • You could be exclusively one type from this list or a spectrum of some or all of them
  • NOTE: Kerti stresses that this list is NOT all-inclusive.

Feed Your Sixth Sense: How to Eat and Drink Your Way to DA: 12 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 75

  • Eat Celery Celery might seem boring and something you only eat with peanut butter, but it also has a deep effect on your psychic ability
  • It increases your focus and concentration, allowing you to do a better job of whatever it is you’re doing.

Is There a Link Between Psychic Ability and Diet

  • This may surprise you that there is actually a correlation between diet and what we eat and our psychic ability
  • It is not a myth it is true and there is plenty of evidence to support this
  • Herbs for centuries have been used in rituals and psychic abilities
  • There are certain foods that would perhaps work against our psychic ability such as red meat
  • Could this be the reason why so many

Are changes to your diet required to be a psychic or medium DA: 13 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 78

Diet as it relates to psychic, mediumship, or healing abilities In addition to the belief that psychics, mediums, and healers need to become vegetarian or vegan, other dietary recommendations have been presented by various metaphysical authors and teachers.

6 Herbs to Enhance Psychic Abilities DA: 12 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 78

  • As a psychic, you can use these herbs to enhance psychic abilities
  • First, plantain creates short-lived invisibility
  • You can literally pass by its weedy bushes without noticing it
  • If you are path walking, you can harness this power
  • The herb also contains regenerative properties
  • It is believed to bring flesh back to life (healing wounds).

Spiritual or Psychic Attacks: Suggestions for Help DA: 11 PA: 20 MOZ Rank: 48

Though diet/surroundings are not the be-all and end-all of psychic defense, consider doing some of the following: enjoy some pungent raw herbs with your meal (e.g., green onions, raw garlic, fresh rosemary, real mint, etc.) and also consider getting a flower or bouquet of flowers to keep near you (or walking outside in a sunlit garden).

Make These 4 Food Changes to Increase Psychic Energy

  • The psychic diet encourages people to get a lot of protein from plant sources, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat meat
  • Spiritualists advise that people seeking more psychic energy should eat meat that comes from ethically-raised sources
  • This would mean eating meat like free-range beef, pork, chicken, and wild-caught fish.

Has a psychic told you that you have blockages in your DA: 13 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 82

  • There are some very genuine healers who are psychics, Their messages are from love and for your best interest even if there is room for improvement
  • They won’t withhold where these blockages are in your reading so wer

The Raw Psychic: Using Advanced Nutrition to Enhance

  • It is believed that everyone has psychic ability of some kind and to some degree
  • But among people following a raw vegan diet, psychic ability seems to be especially prevalent
  • Why? The most popular idea is that as people become more pure and clean on a raw food diet, they become more sensitive to the energy surrounding them.

This One Diet Cured My Chronic Yeast Infections and DA: 14 PA: 39 MOZ Rank: 74

To try to heal my health issues, I spent months seeing countless doctors and sampling every suggested remedy under the sun—which included bathing in tea tree oil once a day and seeing a psychic.

A Mystic Reveals Foods That Can Unlock Our Psychic Powers - Recipes

Ready to start developing your psychic abilities instead of wondering about them? Then, visit our 'Develop Your Psychic Powers' page where you'll find specific courses, classes and books for understanding and using psychic talents. Get started today!

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Four-lesson online course with Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue. Includes Angel Dreams Oracle Cards and the book Angel Dreams. Includes learning how to unlock the messages of your dreams connecting with the angels of dreamtime techniques for dream recall how to use the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards.

James F. Twyman has tailored this course into 40 short sessions so you can spend a few minutes each day learning how to discover, strengthen, and enhance your bond with all living beings of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Get this course only if you're ready to allow more abundance into your life Denise Linn is an internationally renowned teacher and author in the field of self-development. Having known what it means to suffer poverty, Linn created this course to help others lift themselves into abundance.

Wayne Dyer explores the process of moving away from an aimless life to one filled with meaning and purpose. The Shift became a key metaphysical concept in the teachings of Dyer, and has been expanded into a book, CDs, downloads and courses.

Every aspect of crystal healing and crystals is covered: Choosing and caring for your crystals understanding and reading auras how to take a chakra reading how to balance the body's energy system practical healing exercises and treatments.
Crystal Healing

Discover the secret some of the most successful people in finance and the arts in the last century knew . and you could find yourself among those who KNOW how to create a better life. It is not positive thinking, hypnosis or a bunch of self-improvement tips labeled as a "secret". Go learn more.
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Energize yourself into a live wire. Learn to supercharge your energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites. Get in touch with your subconscious mind so you can remove limiting thoughts. Learn: The Seven Psychic Vortexes - The energy foods eaten by Tibetan monks - and more. Excellent.
5 Tibetan Rites

Whether you want to go beyond meditation and explore ultimate reality . or you are looking for an easy way to experience meditation . or you want to try, free, a more formal method of guided meditation . you'll find it at one of the above links.

Most cultures believe there is life after death. Reincarnation is taken as truth by over a billion people today. Want to explore your past lives? Rather than going to a past life regression therapist (and paying hundreds of dollars for such a regression), you can now download Past Life Regression and discover your past life memories in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This is a wonderful Reiki "course" (as you will receive an ebook, a journal you will use for exercises and an mp3 meditation download) is an excellent way to explore personal and universal energy as a tool for a better life. Excellent for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Learn to read Tarot cards, easy with step-by-step instructions. Great little course for beginners with some advanced info on spreads and layouts. Special sections on giving Tarot readings to others.

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There are many things that you can do today to assist in balancing out your Third Eye chakra. You do everything that’s listed, none of it, or simply pick and choose what your body and mind are resonating with and proceed from there.

MEDITATION: You can simply close your eyes and focus on your Third Eye chakra. You can add a mudra to your meditation and/or add a mantra specific to this chakra. You can even dress in the colors associated with the Third Eye chakra which is Indigo. Or go even further and focus on eating foods that are supportive of the third eye chakra. One step further as you are doing Yoga spend a little extra time on a yoga pose which opens and balances out this chakra. Be prepared as you go through this exercise that in order to balance out your third eye chakra many emotions that have been stored in this part of your body may begin to rise. Pay attention to your thoughts as you go about your day, and try to truly tune into the reasons to these thoughts, feelings and emotions being there. Give gratitude for the experiences associated with these emotions and let go of any negative feelings that you may have in this regard. As you are working with releasing your emotions various vibrational remedies should come in handy for you. Try using some of the remedies in this article below.

Blue Color Psychology

From sky blue to ultramarine to cobalt, blue appears in the heavens, in the seas, and everywhere in between. Get to know the many meanings of this omnipresent hue and discover how blue color psychology can bring you power.

Blue Color Associations
Wisdom, authority, communication, tranquility

Blue Color Uses
Improving communication, speaking truthfully, unlocking your intuition

Blue Color Energy

Blue Color Aura
You’re emotionally sensitive and expressive

Blue Color Message
Make sure you're communicating clearly and speaking your truth

Blue Color Mantra

"I communicate freely with light and love."

Blue Chakra Meaning

If you struggle to communicate effectively, can’t express yourself, or neglect to make yourself available when others need you, wearing blue may help you unlock this important skill. Blue is associated with the third chakra , which represents communication and speaking one’s truth. Light blue crystals, like aquamarines, can help you make strides toward increased understanding and improved interactions.

What Does the Color Blue Mean?

Idealism and Communication

The color blue has long been known for its tendency toward idealism and its ability to inspire the wearer to achieve higher principles. When you wear this color, you’ll also enhance your capacity for expressing yourself and communicating your needs and desires. Selecting a very dark blue color to wear can alternatively indicate feelings of depression as a result of being too focused on self, hence the expression "I'm feeling blue."

Truth and Honesty

As it guides you toward higher ideals, blue also helps you explore greater honesty. You can rely on this color as a compass guiding you in the direction of truth. Whether you want to emphasize your own honesty or seek out the truth in others, blue is the right choice.

Calmness and Relaxation

When you need calm, blue is the ideal tone. This relaxing color can lower stress levels, encourage peaceful contemplation, and help negativity melt away. Wear blue to find peace, achieve relaxation, and seek out the calm you need to keep stability in your life.

Safety and Order

As the color of both the sky and the sea, it should come as no surprise that blue represents stability. After all, this hue reveals the order of the universe, and it appears almost everywhere. If you’ve grown accustomed to experiencing a large amount of chaos in your personal relationships or your daily life, wearing blue crystals may help reintroduce a sense of order back into your life.


Keep in mind, however, that blue maintains its roots firmly in the past. Some might call it nostalgic, but no matter how you view this color, it encourages you to consider the past when making decisions about the present or the future. If you value your past experiences and how they have helped shape you, you’ll appreciate this color’s strong sensations.


Though blue has primarily positive connotations, the color can also have some downsides. While you can depend on this hue to provide a haven as it leads you toward truth and honesty, blue can also be remarkably rigid.

If you pursue the powers of this color, take care not to let darker blue tones repress your feelings, guide you toward predictable conclusions, or create rigid guidelines that define your thoughts or actions. Don’t hesitate to phone a metaphysically-oriented spiritual advisor for advice on looking beyond this color’s straightforward parameters.

Powerful Blue Crystals

Blue can lend you tremendous power, but it’s your responsibility to use it wisely. Try wearing blue stones such as sapphires, aquamarines, turquoise, or even lapis lazuli to stay calm and keep communication flowing.

3 Steps to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

We all have at least one spirit guide — a formerly human soul assigned to be our earthly tutor to impress inspiration within us, to support us in decision making and to collaborate with us in creative endeavors. Do you know your guide(s)? If not, here is one process through which to engage, connect and communicate with this nurturing and protective spiritual presence.

1. Select a name. Our spirit guides are typically not souls known to us in this lifetime. In order to personalize the relationship with our “spiritual cheerleaders” it is helpful to think of this presence as an ally and companion. You would call any other friend by their name, so why not your spirit guide? You can select your spirit guide’s name one of two ways: impulsively or contemplatively. If impulsively, go with the very first name that pops into your head — regardless of gender (and remember that a great many names are suitable for use by both sexes). If contemplatively, you may wish to invest more time in sensing the spirit energy around you — does it feel more masculine or feminine? Are you feeling pulled to a particular name from your past, an ancestor perhaps? Or maybe the first name of someone you’d like to honor that has passed on, such as a teacher or friend. Whatever you do, select only ONE name for your guide.

2. Formally christen your guide. I strongly recommend that this be done in the context of a prayer. The reason is that if you’ve come this far in your spiritual awakening, then you are in the act of becoming. As such, you are vulnerable to negative energies that desire to hinder and curtail your progress. Without protecting yourself in prayer, those negative energies may seize upon the opportunity to masquerade as something they’re not in order to initiate chaos and destruction (as can happen while misusing a Ouija board). In the prayer, you may wish to use language similar to the effect of, “For the greater good of the highest order, I christen thee ________. Please step forward to take an active role in my life as my spiritual guide and mentor. Support me in making authentic decisions, impress inspiration within me and aid me as I move forward in service to others.”

3. Await validation from your guide. Once you’ve set the intention to connect with your spirit guide, and have done so with heartfelt commitment, pay attention about a week to ten days out, you should receive validation of this new presence, perhaps even a validation of the very name you’ve given your guide. You may sense a higher-vibration presence near you, especially when you are manifesting your personal gifts and talents (such as teaching or caregiving, artistic or musical expression, or forms of athleticism). You may get a ringing in one ear when in high thought. You may see or hear signs and symbols that you would associate with this loving presence.

For example, my primary guide is Frank. Frank’s name probably isn’t Frank, and Frank could care less, I’m sure it’s the acknowledgment of his presence in my life that matters to him. A week after I named Frank, there was a knock on my door. It was the young man driving the garbage truck for that day’s pickup. He came to tell me that he split my mailbox post while backing the truck out of my cul-de-sac. I asked if the sanitation company would pay for a replacement and he said they would. But when he handed me the information, I noticed it was his name and contact numbers. Then it dawned on me, and I said, “If I report this, does that put you in any jeopardy?” The young man said it could affect his driving record, and he’d just as soon pay for the replacement post and install the new one himself. I told him I’d think about it and he left. Within the hour, I decided I would honor his honesty and allow him to take care of it as he had offered (and without reporting it to the company). I went to look at his information on the scrap of paper he had given me. Not only was his name Frank, his last name was Ward. That stuck with me until I realized “ward“ is a word in the English language. I looked it up the definition of the word ward pertains to guardianship and the act of keeping guard. This young fella’s name translated to “Frank the Guardian!” Now, he was not my guide, it’s what he symbolized that was the intended communication. (By the way, Frank Ward made good on his promise and when he came back to replace my mailbox post, he told me he wasn’t supposed to have been there that day. He was filling in for someone that had called off, it was his first time in the area and his regular driving route was way across the other side of town.)

I can’t guarantee you as spectacular a validation as the preceding example, but I can share that many others whom I have instructed in this spiritual protocol over the years have, in fact, enjoyed similarly unique affirmations. With this renewed understanding and heightened awareness, you should feel a sense of confidence and motivation going forward. For further information on guides, guardians and all things spiritual, click here.

Remember, your guide is very much like your conscience, there to help navigate and steer you to the proper opportunities and teachable moments for your greater good. Your spirit guide will aid you in fulfilling your birthright to “do what you are!”

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