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Dessert cool strawberry cake

Dessert cool strawberry cake

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For starters we prepare a round, detachable shape, 24 cm. and we cover it with foil.

Dissolve the gelatin in the strawberry juice, heat it on a steam bath, leave it to cool a little, then put it a little in kefir, then add whipped cream with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla. From the whipped cream we stop a little for garnish.

Mix well. We use the strawberry syrup to syrup the biscuits, which we quickly insert on one side and the other, avoiding their softening too much. Arrange the biscuits on the edge of the form and at the base we break the biscuits so as to cover the whole base of the form.

Pour half of the above composition, then arrange strawberries as we can on the entire surface and put the rest of the composition. Level nicely, then with whipped cream we decorate on the edge.

In the empty space we put strawberries! In the second part of the composition I also put an envelope of strawberry pudding, that's why it's pink, but you can do without it.


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